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Amherst College is a private liberal arts college located in Amherst, Massachusetts, United States. Here are some key points about Amherst College:

  1. Liberal Arts Education: Amherst College is known for its strong emphasis on a liberal arts education. The college offers a broad and comprehensive curriculum that encourages students to explore a wide range of disciplines before choosing a major.
  2. Small Class Sizes: Amherst College is a small liberal arts institution with a low student-to-faculty ratio. This allows for more personalized attention and close interactions between students and professors.
  3. No Loan Financial Aid Policy: Similar to Dartmouth College, Amherst is committed to meeting the full demonstrated financial need of admitted students. The college practices a no-loan financial aid policy, meaning that financial aid packages typically consist of grants and work-study opportunities rather than student loans.
  4. Selective Admissions: Amherst College is highly selective in its admissions process. The college looks for academically strong students who have demonstrated leadership, intellectual curiosity, and a commitment to community service.
  5. Diverse Community: Amherst College is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive community. The student body comes from various backgrounds and experiences.
  6. Campus and Facilities: The college’s campus is known for its picturesque setting and well-maintained facilities. Amherst College has modern academic buildings, libraries, and residential halls.
  7. Five College Consortium: Amherst College is part of the Five College Consortium, along with Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Hampshire College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. This collaboration allows students to take courses at the other institutions and access additional resources.

If you are interested in Amherst College, it’s important to thoroughly research the college’s official website for the most up-to-date information on admissions, academic programs, and financial aid.

As policies and information can change, direct communication with the college’s admissions or financial aid office is also recommended.

Does Amherst give full scholarships?

Amherst College, like many other selective private colleges, is committed to meeting the full demonstrated financial need of admitted students.

This means that if you are admitted to Amherst and demonstrate financial need, the college will strive to provide a financial aid package that covers the difference between the cost of attendance and your family’s ability to pay.

Amherst College practices a no-loan financial aid policy, which means that financial aid packages typically consist of grants and work-study opportunities rather than student loans.

The goal is to make education more accessible and reduce the burden of student loans for students and their families. It’s important to note that Amherst, like other institutions with need-blind admissions and need-based financial aid policies, does not offer merit-based scholarships.

Financial aid is determined based on the demonstrated financial need of the student and their family. If you are considering applying to Amherst College and have financial concerns, it is recommended to review the college’s official financial aid information on their website and reach out to the financial aid office directly.

Each student’s financial situation is unique, and the financial aid office can provide more specific and personalized information based on your circumstances.

How much is the application fee for Amherst College for international students?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the application fee for international students applying to Amherst College was $65. However, application fees can change, and it’s essential to verify the most current information directly from the official Amherst College admissions website or by contacting the admissions office.

I recommend visiting the official Amherst College admissions website or contacting the admissions office directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the application fee and any other application-related details. Admission policies and fees can be subject to change, so it’s crucial to rely on the most recent information provided by the college.

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